Freedom To Pollute danish version

28 foot copy of the Statue of Liberty in Denmark is mocks American politics on sustainable development

Throughout the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development a large copy of the Statue of Liberty will be spilling out smoke from her torch in Central Copenhagen. The smoking statue is unveiled at 10am on August 26th. The event symbolizes the selfish 'Freedom To Pollute' that the rich countries, with the USA in the lead, are looking to manifest at the Summit. The Danish artist, Jens Galschiot, is again launching a thought-provoking event pointing fingers this time at the USA, in particular, and consumerism in general. The event is supported by the Danish '92 Group - a coalition of NGO's working for global sustainable development.

The smoking statue is going to be the icon of the continued campaign for sustainable development and has already been booked for several arrangements following the World Summit.